Guitar Lessons Master Classes Of New York

Guitar Lesson Master Classes with Recording Artist Ed Hale

for All Ages and Levels

From Beginners to Advanced

Immersive Master Classes in the studio with professional touring and recording artist Ed Hale are now available. In person in metropolitan New York, Brooklyn & online over Zoom or video call.

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Students are not in a standard music store or classroom with a guitar hobbyist, bar band guitarist or "professional teacher", but instead hanging with & learning from a professional, well known touring and recording artist for the last 25 years who's released 11 albums (see Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, etc.) with countless College Radio hits and 8 Billboard Top 40 singles. It is learning through full immersion into the world of professional pop-rock stardom and music making.

Subjects Covered Include:

  • Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Guitar Lessons -- if a student wants to become a professional guitarist or just play for fun and enjoyment, no matter what level they're at right now, they will learn to play BETTER. The more lessons they take and the more they practice on their own, the better they will be. Either electric or acoustic are covered. And there are plenty of guitars at the studio to choose from.

  • Piano/Keyboard Lessons & Music Theory -- Professional players and songwriters use a variety of instruments to write hit songs on, most notably the guitar, the piano and the keyboard. Knowing basic music theory, i.e. what you're actually doing, is NOT necessary to become an incredible player, rockstar or hit songwriter. There's just no argument there. BUT knowing basic music theory can and usually does help, by expanding the palette of the artist.

  • Songwriting and Composition -- More than anything else, Ed Hale is known as a critically acclaimed singer/songwriter who happens to use 50 to 75 guitars, tuned to a variety of his unique open tunings, who has written thousands of songs over the last 25 years. When the student is ready to start writing songs, that's when the real magic begins.

  • GuitArchitecture -- What is a guitar? What's it made of? What are all the different parts called? What woods are used to make guitars? When was it invented? How has it evolved through the decades? THIS is GuitArchitecture.

  • Evolution of Pop and Rock Music -- Over the last 15 years as Ed has had the opportunity to take on students for Master Classes between tours and recording albums, one of the most important things he's noticed is the sheer thrill and advancement students make in their own guitar playing and songwriting as they begin to put the pieces together of how popular music evolved from the early 1920s through to today. This knowledge is an essential element of becoming truly GREAT.

Call or Email for more info or to book a session: 786-251-5400

Who are YOU? Guitar Lesson Master Classes with Ed Hale are fluid and structured around where the student is and what the student WANTS and NEEDS to become a better musician or a professional musician. All elements come together to create a cohesive understanding and mastery of, and most importantly a pure joy of, making music.

Call or Email for more info or to book a session: 786-251-5400